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Federica Peyrolo

Federica Peyrolo

A Mare (en italien : amare = aimer, a mare = aller à la mer)


Distilling color from ‘sky’... grey, that's Federica’s alchemy” David Michael Clarke, artist

Unfolding the world from oneself
The self-portrait is an artistic genre that defines the individual in his relationship with the world. The artist's body is used as the subject and means of creation. It is part of a universe made of expedients, appearance and metamorphosis. The subject of her own representations, the artist conceives herself through a relationship between her body and her image, the image of others and that of the context in which she lives. The attachment to memories is the raw material of Federica Peyrolo’s work. She explores her presence in the world by playing with the ambivalence of objects and situations charged with her personal history. She turns her dependencies or interactions with objects into moving still lifes, into living sculpture, into relationships of scale, and develops a physical presence made up of sounds, gestures and postures. The set of her work questions the symbolic implications of identity building in their relationships with time, with the experience of the body and the environment. At Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Federica Peyrolo has chosen to continue her research by confronting the density of the landscape. “A Mare” is an interior monologue that overlooks outdoor landscapes, like a dream. A quest that develops in these natural spaces like living pictures, which takes the form of a video installation. Is the other we seek our own reflection? The sound supports each plan and effects a romantic shift to the fiction of the subject, this bearer of an action who may be at once the author, the narrator, the landscape or the character.

Sandra Flouriot – head of programming, Galerie du Dourven contemporary art centre, Brittany

One thank you and " grazie " in all those who look at me by far : my family, my grandmother, Matteo, Iginio De Luca, David Michael Clarke. Grazie to Lucia Bricco.
Thanks to Alexandra Sabathé: chief cameraman, to Sébastien Eugène: sound recording, editing, mixing.
Thanks to the promotion Manoel de Oliveira, specially to Laura Haby, Olivier Gain, Cyril Mouthier, Tamar Hirschfeld, Gwendal Sartre, Jacob Wiener, Thibaud Le Maguer, Thomas Guillot and Xénophon Tsoumas.
Thanks to all the technical team of Fresnoy: Blandine Tourneux (pole sound), David Chantreau (video pole), Arnaud Mathieu ( IT pole), Christophe Gregorio and François Bedhomme (workshop decoration), Cyprien Quairiat and Sébastien Cabour (pole installation), Elodie Wattiaux (in charge of production).
Thank you for the construction of the installation

Federica Peyrolo, was born in 1989 in Suze, Italy, and graduated from the Accademia Albertina in Turin and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Le Mans.

Federica's work investigates a dual internal tension, with on the one hand a strong attachment to the past, to childhood memories and on the other hand the desire to free oneself from these in order to develop as an independent individual. In video, photography and installation, she expresses her wonder at the infinite variety of colours and shapes in the world but always on the edge of an existence in the shadow of disillusionment or the fear of disappearing in a phenomenon of absorption.

In 2015, Federica Peyrolo won the Nanjing International Art Festival prize, China and was selected for the Artefatto RESET prize in Trieste, Italy. She also participated in different residencies: In-Naturalia in Turin, Nhome in Rome, Transalp in Cuneo, Italy.

Winner in 2014 of the OFF Site open call art project in L'Aquila (Italy) presided by Veronica Santi, she exhibited the same year in the exhibition Flying Black Cow Utopia Club, part two at the Gallery of Dourven in Trédrez-Locquémeau, France in a project by David Michael Clarke. Her work « D » was presented at FRASQ 2013, an annual event initiated by Le Générateur, art and performance space in Gentilly, France.Federica Peyrolo is currently represented by Galleria Moitre in Turin.