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Jacob Wiener

Jacob Wiener



16mm film developed using red wine and a chemical process elaborated and implemented by the artist. This film leads the viewer into a world that is both lived and imagined, one of drunkenness and insecurity, which allows the tension of current events to stain a personal reading of the landscapes of Northern France through the gentle erosion of the images on screen.

The artists-students of the promotions Alain Resnais and Manoel de Oliveira.

Born in Los Angeles in 1986, Jake Wiener graduated from Hampshire College (Massachusetts) in 2008, and has worked on and off as a film projectionist, archivist, production assistant, and location scout. He spends his time between Paris, New York, and Tangier. Along with a close network of family, friends, and fellow travellers, he has amassed a large transatlantic archive of super 8 and 16mm footage documenting his travels and personal relationships. He is interested in the tangible, physical qualities of film as a medium of personal and romantic communication, as well as its enduring yet compromised use as a stable archival material. He began his course at Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains in 2015.