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Alexandru Petru Bǎdelițǎ

Alexandru Petru Bǎdelițǎ

I made you, I kill you


I think that this film is necessary for me, in this moment of my life. I have always been ashamed to talk about my childhood and I think that this caused me a lot of sadness.

Le Fresnoy, Thomas Hakim, Shirley Bruno, Drehluta Ecaterina Aurelia, Badelita Petru, Kyle Smith, Marjory Bruno, Arnaud Petit, Madeleine Van Doren, Daniel Dobbels, Sonia Andreica Casandra, Laurent Delplanque, Maxime Chauvin, Idris Lettifi, Drehluta Daniela, Eric Prigent, Natalia Trebik, Marine Decottignies, Quynh Hoang, Xénophon Tsoumas, Daniela Delgado Viteri, Thibaut Cordenier, Julien Guedon, Aurélie Brouet, Akiko Okumura

Alexandru is a Romanian filmmaker who works in France. Holding a Master's degree in Film Editing from the National Film School of Bucharest, he is interested in cinema and contemporary art and works across genres: fiction, documentary, animation and experimental films. He is also a transdisciplinary filmmaker and writes, direct, films, and does the video and sound editing. “I like to tell the stories of ordinary people through filmmaking. My works are mostly autobiographical and talk about identity, family and loneliness,” he says.