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Isabel Pagliai

Isabel Pagliai



“When I am alone, the light of day is only the loss of a dwelling place. It is intimacy with the outside which has no location and affords no rest. Coming here makes the one who comes belong to dispersal, to the fissure where the exterior is the intrusion that stifles, but is also nakedness, the chill of the enclosure that leaves one utterly exposed. Here the only space is its vertiginous separation. Here fascination reigns.” Maurice Blanchot, The Space of Literature

Françoise and René Pagliai, the sociocultural association « Au 7 », families and children of the city « la SIGEM » of Gaillard. Mathias Bouffier, Damien Manivel, Cyril Teste, Eric Prigent, Daniel Dobbels, the team of the shooting and all the team of Fresnoy.

Isabel Pagliai was born in 1988 and studied literature and art history at the Université Denis Diderot in Paris then film at the Université de Saint-Denis. Combining both documentary and fictional approaches, her work revolves around the themes of childhood and language. Meanwhile, she also works on films as co-writer and director of photography. She is currently living and working in Paris and Tourcoing, where she is a student at Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains.