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Shirley Bruno

Shirley Bruno



This film took me into my deep-seated fears and longing of family and connectedness. It deals with my searching for purity, something clean between someone you call mother, friend, lover. And in retelling this old folktale that every Haitian knows, I hope I tap into an undercurrent of stories of people, ancestors, relatives like an antenna.

Le Fresnoy, Edna Laurent, Enock Tellus, James Hervé Sabin, Assad Clark, Jean Hurstel & Claudette Bruno, João Pedro Rodrigues, Marjory & Jerry Bruno, Slava Doytcheva, Kamelia Hadjiiska, Guetty Felin.

Shirley is a Haitian-American filmmaker living between New York City, Haiti, and France. She worked as a documentary filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist before going to the London Film School in the UK where she graduated with an MA with Distinction in Filmmaking. Her narrative shorts have been screened internationally in Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and the US. Shirley is the recipient of the prestigious New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship and a recipient of the New York State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Grant. Her films often deal with the space between generations, closeness and loneliness within a family, and the things left unsaid that mark us.