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Cyril Teste Cyril Teste

Cyril Teste & Ramy Fischler



Exformation, an interactive installation inspired by the concept of “exformation,” was developed for a composition by Jesper Nordin performed by the Diotima string quartet and combines musical, luminous and colorimetric scores. Around the musicians, positioned on a technically equipped stage, three aluminium-edged cubes with LEDs mounted on circular rails move and angle their light in keeping with an algorithmic programme based on analysis of the spectrum, timbre and intensity of the music. This sensitive object becomes a total composition, a poetic, digital entity responding to the work played at its centre. At the intersection of artistic disciplines, this project arose from conversations between Ramy Fischler and director Cyril Teste at Le Fresnoy in 2014 and their collaboration with the Swedish composer Jesper Nordin. Teste and Fischler are both fascinated by evolutions in the world of work and the nature of collaborative conception, and this is the first joint undertaking in their ongoing partnership. A generative, evolving object, a laboratory for new technologies and industrial applications, this luminous narrative offers a number of permutations. Its almost infinite cinematic and luminous possibilities offer the possibility of a huge range of performances in various artistic disciplines. Presented on its own, the object becomes autonomous and its simple presence – interacting with viewers via Gestrument software – is an event in itself. • Fanny Léglise, 15 June 2016.

Collaborators of Exformation, first presentation of the work
Tor Nørretranders, the scientific author Diotima, the string quartet.

Manuel Poletti, director in musical computing Thomas Goepfer, time switch light

Jean-Cyrille Burdet, technical director Acte2, realization

Coproduction: Grame, national center of musical creation Musica Strasbourg festival
Lux - National stage of Valencia
Fresnoy - national Studio of the contemporary arts

With the support of Centquatre-Paris, in partnership with KKDC luminaires Commandes musicale with the help to the writing of original pieces of music of the Ministère de la Culture and Wittener neue Kammermusik Tage

Cyril Teste

The director Cyril Teste bases in 2000 the Collective MxM who works essentially around the theatrical and digital writings. His work was presented in particular in various festivals as the Festival of Avignon, the European Festival Time of Images - Arte in the Farm of the Bush then in the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, the CINEMED festival in Montpellier. Since 2011, Cyril Teste and the Collective MxM develop the concept of cinematic performance. Cyril Teste realized four: Patio - 2011, Park - 2012, Punk Rock - 2015 and Nobody , cinematic performance in situ - 2013 and (re) creation in the tray - 2015 (coproduction Fresnoy)

Ramy Fischler

Ramy Fischler, Belgian designer of 37 years, has create his design studio having collaborated ten years beside Patrick Jouin, and having been a boarder of the Villa Medicis in 2010. Graduate of The National School of Industrial Design, in Paris, his practice of the design embraces all the fields of the industrial, artistic and cultural production.