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Mathias Isouard

Mathias Isouard

Tensions dissonantes #


Experimenting with sensation. Inspired by cymatics, and in particular by the research of Alexander Lauterwasser into Chladni patterns, the “Tensions dissonantes #” project pursued by Mathias Isouard sets out to physically reveal the acoustic properties and effects of a vibrating material. At once aural and visual, this installation, comprising a horizontally suspended fine sheet of aluminium nine metres square, is made to vibrate and move in keeping with programmed generative sequences. The fundamental sound frequencies diffused in this stressed material are chosen and composed to reveal the acoustic harmonics specific to each kind of deformation. This broad reflective surface describes and projects undulating figures that sculpt the space in a minimal, kinetic way. The sound and form distort slightly, metamorphosing straight lines into curves and unified sounds into modulated sounds. These protean combinations evolve in space and time, thereby creating pauses which delay rigidity and elasticity, provoking moments of tension and peacefulness in the visitor.

I thank my family, my friends, the students, all the teaching staff and the technical poles of Fresnoy. I thank more particularly Kathialyn Borissoff my partner, Christophe Gregório, Sébastien Cabour, Cyprien Quairiat and Guillaume Libersat for the Pole Installation as well as Elodie Wattiaux, in charge of production.