Artiste-professeur invité


Paolo Pachini

Born in 1964 in Rome (Italy)

Composer and video artist, he lives and works in Trieste and Paris.

Paolo Pachini's artistic activity as a composer began in 1991. His catalogue includes different types of work, varying from purely instrumental music to instrumental music with electronics in real time, as well as pure synthesis music and video compositions with music.

His interest in the hybridization of different artistic languages developed quite early in the 90's, which led him to imagine and create a series of collective audiovisual projects such as Symphonie Diagonale (new sound tracks for short films of the German abstract Avant-garde of the 20's), Paesaggi, Visioni, Per Voce Preparata, An Index of Metals.

He teaches « Electroaccoustics » and « Composition and audiovisual applications» at the « Scuola di Musica e Nuove Tecnologie » in the « Giuseppe Tartini » music academy in Trieste.