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Ella Altman

Promotion Claude Lévi-Strauss ( 2022 - 2024 )

Née à Israel (Israël) en 1993


Ella Altman (1993)

Ella Altman was born in Tel Aviv. From 2011 she worked at major radio stations as an editor, writer, host, and producer of documentary and cultural programs. In 2014 She won the best documentary award for her a program, following a resistance movement of writers from the peripheries.

In 2015 she joined an educational startup hub in the desert, where she led a project developing tools for scientific education for children, using new media and virtual reality experiences.

In 2016 she was researching and casting for a project of Abner Benaim (Panamanian director, shortlisted for the 2022’s Academy Award, Best International Feature Film).

Following her interest in new medias and film, in 2017 she started her studies towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Shenkar College of Art and Design;
during her studies she produced, directed, composed and edited 2 short films that were screened in international film festivals, and participated in many group exhibitions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she developed and taught experimental documentary filmmaking for children, reacting to their experiences.
As a response to the closure of art spaces during the lockdowns, she created site-specific immersive video installations at WeWork offices, reflecting on the events.

In 2021, she began working at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art as a lecturer, as well as developing content and workshops for a variety of audiences.

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