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Photo de Ana Elen Tejera

Ana Elen Tejera

Promotion Jonas Mekas ( 2019 - 2021 )

Née en 1990


Film director and actress, has studied psychology, performing arts and documentary film. He has studied with Pedro Costa, Jose Luis Guerin, Patricio Guzman, Nicholas Philibert and Víctor Erice; participated in workshops and has specialized in screenwriting, found footage and film restoration at the School of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property in Madrid.

She is currently performing the restoration of the Panama’s film archive at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, directing her first feature documentary film “Panquiaco” in the post-production phase winner of the First Looks of IFF Panama Chile Docs and supported by the Tribeca Film Institute; also she is writing the script of “Olvidar”. She is an actress at the theater company Chroma Teatre in Barcelona.

This year in Panama, she held the "Festival of Memory” an artistic piece of performance and installations in urban spaces recontextualized with images from political archives and has presented the piece “Burba” created on commission for the Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama

Her most recent work and production has been with the documentary "Luciamor" winner of the Panama Documentary Contest (Panama 2017), aired in TVN (tv channel) and part of the list of films onboard Copa Airlines. This year she has won again the contest with the piece "Negre Macha".

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