The education department welcomes group visits to Le Fresnoy but also supports long-term projects located in our outside the Studio and bringing into play our expertise in the production of fixed or animated, analogue or digital images.

"A tool for discovery and reflection"

The education department develops cultural initiatives that make the most of the variety of activities at Le Fresnoy and of the teaching staff, personnel and student body. Activities include tours of exhibitions, cinema tours, films, and presentations of the production equipment (the film and recording studios, the photo lab), but also art workshops and architecture course articulated around the building designed by Bernard Tschumi.

The education department works to stimulate discovery and intellectual reflection as a unique partner in visual culture education. Its artistic and cultural offerings aspire to the same level of excellence and quality as the creative work done at Le Fresnoy.

We are always attentive to the requirements of teachers looking for ways of using culture to enrich their students’ experience.

Booking conditions

When reserving, pleased indicate the activity that interests you and the date or period you want, as well as your name, the name and address of your establishment, a phone number, and the age range and number of the participants.

Groups will be greeted 10 minutes before the beginning of the guided tour or workshop.
A charge will be made for any reservation cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.
Please stick to the number of participants given when making the reservation, especially for workshops.
If you have trouble phoning the education service, try email...

This week

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Du 31 May au 05 June
Ce jour
de Florian Heinzen-Ziob - 2020
Du 04 au 05 June
Ce jour
de Audrey Ginestet - 2023
Monday 5 June à 19h00
Ce jour
de Wissam Charaf - 2020
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Du 07 au 25 June
de Vincent Patar - et de Stéphane Aubier - 2023
Du 07 au 12 June
de Signe Baumane - 2023
Saturday 10 June à 14h00
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Du 10 au 12 June
de Eve Duchemin - 2023
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Sunday 11 June à 17h00
de F. W. Murnau - 1922