David De Beyter

Concrete mirrors - Installation - 2010

présentée dans le cadre de l'exposition Panorama 12


This project is a bogus photographic documentary. It deals with the representation of elsewhere through a selection of utopian architectures of the sixties: sites of scientific space research and a collection of landscapes which have received a sort of popular acceptance as Martian or lunar landscape. The question here is precisely one of visions, whether they be architectural, scientific or from science fiction but also personal reinterpretations of these visions. This corpus of images proposes collages of different levels of reality, associating fantasy, reality, mythology and utopia. The virtual, present in the occasional use of 3D, enables me to give a form of existence here to certain architectural projects never built. This crossover between analogical and digital contributes to the idea of mixing fantasy and reality. This exploration ultimately constitutes an imaginary territory, a sort of test zone, marked by time, lost in a formal anachronism that accentuates the gap between prospective vision and fallen mythology. The way the images are installed offers the spectator a stroll through a series of fragments. The dispersion of these visions suggests basically something out of frame or a narration. The photographs as a whole enable one to build up a mental landscape. D.B

David De Beyter


Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing