Loukianos Moshonas

Charles et Quentin - Film - 2010

présenté dans le cadre de l'exposition Panorama 12


Two young graphic designers are working with a scan. They don't know each other very well. By mistake, they omit to put a document in the machine. They notice that instead of coming out white, shapes appear and, little by little, images. They are intrigued by this finding and start experimenting. Little by little, they let themselves go in two parallel crescendos. On the one hand, they carry out pictorial research by playing with the colour and contrast settings: they gradually explore, delve into the resolution of the images as they seem to reveal a stranger woven matter. Two things intrigue them in these images; the lines and dust which look like bacteria and the depth of the more and more coloured digital lines. They compose with or between these two things. On the other hand, experimenting with the images pushes them to talk, to want to open up to each other, to dare hypotheses. They talk about their past (memories, anecdotes), but also their projects, desires. Their imagination, in rather awkward fashion, begins working nevertheless. Their nonchalant conversation comes to an end. It was beginning to dry up anyhow. A little disoriented, they look at the view out of the window. We guess that they know it well, but even though it is banal, it is extraordinary.

Loukianos Moshonas


Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing