Pierre Lefrançois Vérove

Vigile - Film - 12min - 2023

présenté dans le cadre de l'exposition Panorama 25


When night falls, the city exists only in halos. Vigil or guardian, you must keep watch among the shadows, confusing tiredness with sleep, night after night, scrutinising the darkness even if it means opening a breach in it and stirring the invisible.

Pierre Lefrançois Vérove

Pierre Lefrançois Vérove was born in 1989 and lives in Montreuil (France). He studied at the École nationale supérieure d'arts de Paris-Cergy before joining Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains in 2021. His works, films and texts focus on the visible or invisible margins and those who inhabit them. A consideration that led him to explore the field of institutional psychotherapy (La Chambre de Paul, 2022) and to follow European borders from Paris to the island of Lesbos in Greece (Algèbre, 2019).


Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing