Domenico Singha Pedroli

Au Revoir Siam - Installation - 2023

présentée dans le cadre de l'exposition Panorama 25


Following Jaran Ditapichai, a Thai political refugee living in France, on his metaphorical journey to his hometown, we glimpse the invisible structures that created the displaced condition that he and others are experiencing. Through the archives of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, a trip along the banks of the Mekong and a visit to the palaeontological museum in Savannakhet (Laos), a sum of little human gestures is exhibited, the past is released against the backdrop of an indifferent present made of dances, ruins, and an ever-flowing river.

A hand that draws, a hand that holds and a hand that remembers, merge together to show our fragility.

Forgotten faces left underwater reappear as we wonder what they have seen, what have they witnessed during the process of establishing the Thai border. How can we un-map a territory? And once it's done, can memories be restituted?

Domenico Singha Pedroli

Domenico Singha Pedroli (1994) was born and raised in Lugano (CH). After various professional experiences abroad and completing his studies at the Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio (2018), he relocated to Bangkok (TH) to be fully dedicated to storytelling and reconnect with his Thai origins.

Being multicultural at his core (Swiss, Italian, and Thai), he's focused on our relationship with time and space, our disappearances and traces, gestures, and memories, moving freely into different contexts thanks to a practice of observation and curious research. Currently, he is based in Paris (FR) and enrolled at Le Fresnoy - Studio national

des arts contemporains (2022--2024) in Tourcoing to develop his cinematic ideas with different mediums.


Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing