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From February 14 to April 26 2015



“Sebastian Diaz Morales is a character from fiction. Nobody is absolutely homogenous at every hour of the day and night. We are constantly presenting a multitude of facets of our ourselves, we are transformed by the moon’s rays and other people’s gazes, we metamorphose in keeping with the person observing us. (…) I had an appointment with Sebastian Diaz Morales in Amsterdam on Friday 27 December. (…) I heard him talk about his childhood in Patagonia and his cinema studies in Buenos Aires, his scholarship at the Rijksakademie at the turn of the 2000s, his time at Le Fresnoy, and, as we approached his studio, reality gradually seemed to take over again, as if the fictional part that I had discerned in him was in the process of slowly melting and dissolving in the rain that continued to fall.(…)” 
Jean-Philippe Toussaint
Born in 1975 in Argentina, Sebastian Diaz Morales’ works are of various kinds: documentary, epic film, installations. Studying at the Rijksakademie as well as at Le Fresnoy in 2004, Sebastian Diaz Morales’s works have been regularly shown in various museums and institutions, such as Tate Modern, London, the Centre Pompidou, Paris, the Stedelijk Museum and the De Appel Art Centre, Amsterdam, Art in General, New York, the Ludwig Museum, Budapest, at the Biennials in São Paulo and Sydney, in the Miró Foundation, Barcelona, the MUDAM, Luxemburg, the CAC, Vilnius.

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