Saïd Afifi

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Saïd Afifi

Né en 1983 (Morocco)

Born in 1983 in Morocco Lives and works in Paris Graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan, Morocco, in 2008, and from the Fresnoy-Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing, in 2018

Exploring the potential and status of the digital image, Saïd Afifi is interested in the blurred boundaries between real and virtual spaces. In Yemaya ("the mother whose children are like fish"), named after an Afro-Caribbean goddess of the oceans, which he began in 2018, the artist teamed up with the CNRS to create a photogrammetry of an underwater cave, recreating a three-dimensional vision of the place thanks to the multiplication of the points of view captured, rendered by a device in virtual reality.

Exhibitions: 2022 Les Constellations de la terre, L'Atelier 21, Casablanca, Morocco (solo); Inspiré.e.s. Acte 2: Arts numériques, L'arTsenal, Dreux ; Rencontres de Bamako, Bamako, Mali 2021 État d'urgence d'instants poétiques, Jardin d'essai botanique, Rabat, Morocco; Paradis artificiels, Galerie Bacqueville, Lille 2019 Loop Barcelona, Museu d'Història de Catalunya, Barcelona; Festival Ambiance / Le devenir-monde, cinéma Les Colonnes, Blanquefort; Vice versa 5.0. Creative Crossborder Meeting, Mundaneum, Mons, Belgium 2018 (Re) Model the World, Pearl Art Museum, Shanghai