Artiste-professeur invité


Bernard Faucon

Born in 1950 in Apt (France)

After studying philosophy and theology, Bernard Faucon became one of the first artists to explore the potential of the photographic tableau. Begun in 1976, he deliberately interrupted his work in 1995 because he became convinced that the stage of photographic mise en scène hailed the swansong of photography, the last stage before the reign of the pure, digital advertising image. A moment when the belief in the power of photographic truth was still sufficiently prevalent for one to indulge in the luxury of concocting "real-life fictions".

For a few years up until 2003 Bernard Faucon developed an event entitled "Le plus beau jour de ma jeunesse" that involved hundreds of young people from 25 countries. A kind of reprieve, which, though it had changed focus, might prolong the ceremony of the tableau: party-going, youth, the innocence of the image.

Bernard Faucon has exhibited all over the world, in particular at Leo Castelli's in New York, with Agathe Gaillard, Yvon Lambert and Vu la Galerie, in Paris. He is well-known and very popular in both Japan and China.