Artiste-professeur invité


Manon De Boer

Born in 1966 in Kodaicanal (India)

"In my artistic practice, I usually explore certain interests over a longer period of time -- meeting people, reading books, listening to music, etc. In this wider research, somehow always comes the moment of an encounter with a specific person or oeuvre triggering the desire to develop a film, to reflect on a subject's content through a specific cinematic form. For instance, while working on Resonating Surfaces (2005), where the timbre of a voice is a key theme in the story of the protagonist, I became interested in the voice as the locus of vitality, always in between two poles (mind and body, timbre and words, one body and another). This exploration much later resulted in the film one, two, many (2012).

Currently, my thoughts revolve around the basic theme of time and rhythm, in particular the rhythmic tensions between an individual and society. Rather than in an all-encompassing work, I want to explore it through different films and different encounters. The guiding questions are: How do social rhythms influence the individual experience of time and the possibility to create sense? How do rhythms mirror power relations? Or, translated into cinematic form: How can the distinct rhythms of sound and image create meaning?"