Yosra Mojtahedi

Promotion André S. Labarthe ( 2018 - 2020 )

Née à Téhéran (Iran) en 1986


I obtained an MA in fine arts, and then a degree in beaux-arts when I settled in France. Le voyage... ce mystère leafs through my sketchbook. Coming from a country where the body is a taboo subject and its representation forbidden, my work reacts by being sensual and sensory, tactile and olfactory, sometimes touching on eroticism and femininity. It is steeped in a surrealist, obscurantist atmosphere. A space free of places and times, where objects and elements are symbolic: flowers, stones, umbilical cords, organs, in a twilight penumbra. If anything has oriented my work, it is surely Iranian censorship.


Membre de la Société des peintres iraniens
2017-2018 Diplôme national d’arts plastiques (DNAP) (Tourcoing -France)
2009-2011 M.A en peinture -Université Alzahra (Téhéran -Iran)
2004-2008 B.A en peinture -Université Elmo Farhang (Téhéran -Iran)
2001-2003Diplôme en Peinture -Académie des Beaux-Arts Azadegan (Téhéran -Iran)

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