Ina Mihalache

Ma présence suffit à enchanter le monde - Performance - 2018

présentée dans le cadre de l'exposition Panorama 20


An Internet personality decides to transfer her space of representation to a theatre set in order to study the origins of her narcissism – which is also the narcissism of an entire generation. She isolates herself in a long, fine transparent box in order to recreate the reassuring conditions of the virtual. Viewers equipped with headphones are positioned either side of this existential laboratory. They witness from within a collective analytical immersion that takes the form of a raw, sometimes sung confession. The electro-sensorial music is fed to the viewer’s ears in such a way as to massage his soul. Highly subtle sound effects amplify the binaural experience. It is a sound bath with an almost therapeutic aim. Between ecstasy and waking nightmare, Ina Mihalache manages to create a bubble of comfort in which each person can huddle back into their selfhood. From the ataraxia of the foetus to cosmic hyper-consciousness, via the inevitable air pockets.

Ina Mihalache

After studying History of Art at the University of Montreal, Ina Mihalache came to Paris and studied acting at the Cours Florent. After failing the Conservatoire entrance exams she worked as a camera operator/editor for television documentaries, while also developing video installations. In 2011 she discovered YouTube and created the channel “Solange te parle.” She has an audience of 350,000, has published some two hundred videos, works with Radio France, has directed a first feature film, has published three books and sometimes acts in the theatre.


Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing — Campus décentralisé Amiens-Valenciennes — Maison de la Culture d’Amiens — L'association Shane — L'Amicale de Production — Le Phoénix