Vasil Tasevski

I woke up in motion - Installation - 2017

présentée dans le cadre de l'exposition panorama 19


I pull off my clothes, I leave my city, my district, my country.
I walk, I cross, furrow, transpierce; I run, I stride, I dance, I advance. Walkabout, escapade, to the horizon, I follow my path to drunkenness, to illumination.
I’m alive, I’m getting closer to death, the sun, every detail leaps out, grasps me, assails me. As far as the eye can see, freedom, infinity, a sensation of wind, of ponds, of night. I lift my 246 eyes, I’m immense, I slide, I embrace the land, faces, landscapes.
I step out of the frame, I welcome disaster, I’m in a state of bedazzlement, I’m not alone, I can feel it, I meet with beauty at every moment, and the wandering carries me on its shoulders like a child.

“Roving Pumice stone – Concrete soles Seeds, brambles – tears, purity, weapons, hardness, deseeded roses, tinted dreams I have this face I’m wandering I’m still looking […]”

From the unpublished poem The Fugitive, by Marion Collé.

Vasil Tasevski

After founding the National Troop of Circus Performers of Macedonia and having worked in the Balkans, Vasil came to France to find out about contemporary circus. With Marion Collé and Matthieu Gary he founded Collectif Porte27. Passionate about photography, Vasil Tasevski mixes different media and artistic mediums: photography, installation, video, performance and circus arts. Experimentation occupies an important position in his research. Wandering, nostalgia and childhood are recurrent themes in his work.


Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing