Enrique Ramirez

Horizon - Installation - 2009

présentée dans le cadre de l'exposition Panorama 11


Notes on the Horizon to set sail one has to have a boat, a rudder, a candle, some wind, a dream, a house, the internet.. For a person to move from one place to another, they need wings, a car, feet, papers, money, a destiny, a path, a friend, an identity photo, authorization, shoes, all their things in order, you need a family member to be waiting for you, you shouldn't leave anything behind, you need a language, a visa, desires, money, a credit card, you should be afraid, be lucky, you need a compass, you need enough to eat, water.. there will be always more immigrants on earth than possible horizons in our thoughts.. Little by little the world is transformed into a prison for all those who peer over the other side of the wall without being able to get over it. the world has become immured to this flood of images that do not belong to us, pictures from a world faraway and out of sight, as remote as the houses that so many have abandoned in a search of a better world. Everyone needs a house in which to live, everyone is looking for somewhere to be happy, to live in peace. to throw a bottle into the water, to cast the ashes of a friend, a relation or a loved one into the sea, to throw a flower, a stone into the water, or simply it to gaze at it, is a mark of freedom, an act of faith that loses itself in the horizon -- while to throw a house.. that shows one hopes to earn the right to look over the other side of the horizon.

Enrique Ramirez


Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing