Raphael Moreira Gonçalves

Saphirs - Film - 2014

présenté dans le cadre de l'exposition Panorama 16


Ernest, a candid young fellow, makes a discovery after witnessing an act of mortal aggression: mysterious blue crystals. In making this short film, I wanted to address the cinematographic object and work on the grain of the image. To try to obtain a real fracture in the image which could give rise to a possible interstice. And the possible interstice, in this context, would be the body of the main character. To consider this body as a space both limited and necessary. Regarding the alteration of the image, it seems to me that this “mistake” in the image could also be positioned as poetic potential. A kind of reinterpretation of the romantic figure drowned in an environment that she cannot grasp. I also wanted to have a go at narrative and find issues in the screenplay that allow me to visually approach this conjugation of abstract images through the prism of meaningful objects. The environment in which the figure moves had to be an expression of his turbulent inner life. Mysterious crystals as an object of fascination and externalisation of all the violence that my character feels within. The point was to tell the story of this teenager using a simple plot device while maintaining a very distinct visual approach linked to the character’s incandescence.

Raphael Moreira Gonçalves


L’équipe du film, la mairie de Tourcoing, le bar ‘Au ch’ti péqueux', l’équipe du Fresnoy, Patrice Conte, ma mère, ma famille d’ici et d’ailleurs, Zoé Brunet-Jailly, Christine Oudot, Christian Rossi. Jean-Claude Brisseau, les promotions Bill Viola et Raoul Ruiz, Alexandre Dumont, Alice de Boissezon, Alexis Bertrand, Antoine Dang, Guillaume Boulanger, Pierre Michelet, Lara Vallance, Faye Mullen. Elsa Filizetti, Aude Billet, Antonia et Orianne Boussoumah, Elisa Bonomi, Aurélie et Gabriel Moreira Gonçalves, Eduardo Yalamaku, Jonathan Pêpe, Kevin Voinet, David Ayoun, Thibaut Rostagnat, Denis Christophel, David Jacquier.