Alle Dicu

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Alle Dicu

Born in 1995 in Alba Iulia (Romania)

Born in Alba Iulia, Romania, in 1995.
In her work, Alle is interested in the processes of adapting to a given material, be it sound, language or visual. She graduated from the Bucharest School of Fine Arts in 2017 and in 2021 from CESI, where she presented a thesis entitled "Visions of a Surface : Marble as a Sensitive Surface and Its Visual Perception." At the same time, photography and visual arts led on to making videos and films. She held discussion circles that gave rise to the publication of two collective essays, Ring de dans, sală de așteptare and Dancefloor laboratory, in 2018. Her first feature film dates from 2021 and documents the work of a literary translator at his Bucharest home.