Yue Cheng

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Yue Cheng

Born in 1995 in Jiangxi (China)

Born in China in 1995, lives and works in France and China. Her work explores how urban and industrial changes are affecting our natural environment. She uses documentary and fictional techniques to create multimedia works that interrogate our relationship to artificial space and nature. Her work explores the manipulation of space and encourages reflection on utopian/dystopian issues and science fiction ideas that question our times, such as sustainability, the survival of humanity in its relationship with the environment and industry, and the possibility of society disappearing in a process of breakdown and dehumanisation. By exploring these themes through her images, she proposes a critical reflection on our relation- ship with nature and industry, as well as questioning the future of humanity faced with ecological crisis. Her work invites viewers to consider their own position in this debate and to reflect on their role in creating a sustainable future for all.