Robin Touchard

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Robin Touchard

Born in 1987 in Toulon (France)

Through his filmic, sculptural or performative gestures, Robin Touchard's work manifests a multicoloured chaos, a volcanic clamour partly controlled by devices and collaborations. Behind the apparent disorder, deeply material correspondences emerge: the slightest object, the slightest attitude is transformed in such a way that it becomes part of an untimely adventure, which invokes geology and cosmogonic myths.

After graduating in 2013 from the Ecole Supérieure d'Art et Design de Marseille, Robin Touchard was resident at the Ateliers d'Artistes de la Ville de Marseille for two years. In 2015, he was awarded the ESADMM Prize and his work entered the collections of Frédéric de Goldschmidt and Galila Barzilaï-Hollander in Brussels, and then in the FRAC Paca.

After numerous exhibitions and residencies in France and abroad, he moved to Brussels in 2018 and joined the Agnès Varda School of Photography and Visual Techniques in 2020, then Le Fresnoy - Studio National in 2022.