Amélie Agbo

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Amélie Agbo

Born in 1990 in Saint-Maurice (France)

My practice combines animation and video games. I appropriate their stereotyped images of blacks in French society. In 2010 I obtained a professional baccalaureate, in artisanship and artistic crafts. Returning to France after a six-month study trip to Ogaki Women’s College in the Gifu region of Japan, I decided to spend a year preparing for art school entrance exams. In 2014 I was awarded a place at the École Èuropéenne Supérieure de l’Image in Poitiers. On obtaining my degree (DNAP) in 2017, I spent four months at the Beijing Film Academy, in the “animation art” section. En 2018 I wrote C, my degree thesis on the deprecation of black women’s bodies. In 2019 I entered Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains, where I made the short animation film BéninCity : Épisode 4.