Moufouli Bello

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Moufouli Bello

Born in 1987 (Benin)

Born in Benin, where she lives and works, Moufouli Bello is an artist who questions social constructions. Although she has a legal training, her interrogation of social inequalities and questions of identity orient her more towards the study of ideological structures, that is to say, traditions, religions, cultures, socio-economic policies, geopolitics, and international power dynamics and relations and their impact on the processes whereby individuals are formed. Her research puts the emphasis on the notion of social justice in relation to the human condition, on race and the situation of women, and on identities, all of which evolve in keeping with society itself and its tribulations.


Lissa, a conversation with God

Installation - 2021

présentée dans le cadre de l'exposition Panorama 23