Marin Martinie

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Marin Martinie

Né en 1994 (France)

Marin Martinie, born in 1994, is an animation film director and comic book author, currently a student-artist at Le Fresnoy and a PhD student at the University of Lille. He is a graduate of the Estienne (2014) and of the Arts Déco schools in Paris (2018). His practice mixes animated film, drawing and publishing. In his work, he seeks to graphically and narratively deconstruct the classic forms of the visual arts, particularly in the fields of comics and animated film. His works include Zambo zambo (2016), Template Message (2018) and Apparition des figures standards (2020). He lives and works in Paris.



Apparition des figures standards

Installation - 2020

présentée dans le cadre de l'exposition Panorama 22