Charlotte Bayer-Broc

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Charlotte Bayer-Broc

Born in 1988 in (France)

Charlotte Bayer-Broc has developed a sensitive, political and critical thought watching movies. For her cinema is about incarnation and duration. She always were interested by filming gestures, faces, word – bodies loked in an inextricable reality by the frame. After theorical studies about cinema and literature, she get into the fine art school of Paris in 2011. Her work tries to reveal a hidden violence, to form new kind of narrations with lost events, mixing collectives and intimates stories. In 2014, she did her first movie, Mundos Inmundos, witch was selected by FID Marseille 2015. The movie is about a punk band roaming in depopulated and spectral landscapes in Chile like sleepwalkers. Nowadays, Charlotte is studying in Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, and she is still exploring Chile minor history. Her new film, Los diablos azules, is a musical tragedy about a massacre of 3600 workers during a strike in the north of Chile.