Alain Jaubert

Born in 1940 in Paris (France)

Alain Jaubert is a writer, science journalist, music columnist, teacher, director of numerous documentary films, and author of the Palettes series devoted to the history of art, broadcast on Arte and worldwide since 1989. The author of several essays, including Le commissariat aux archives in 1986, he wrote his first literary fiction in 2004, at the age of sixty-four, and was awarded the Prix Goncourt for first novel the following year.

Val Paradis is a moving tale in which the author recalls that he was also a sailor. He recounts Antoine's maritime experiences and the violent relationship between the sailor's body and the sea. The writer intersperses short stories and fragments of texts written almost thirty years ago during his stopovers and travels.

With Une nuit à Pompéi, published in 2008, he returned to the realm of art through the carnal journey of a couple in love, alone in the ruins of the ancient city at the foot of Mount Vesuvius.

Tableaux noirs, his third novel, was published in 2011 and takes us on a journey to post-war Paris with the story of Antoine Chaubert. In it, the writer romanticizes some of his childhood memories, although this is not autofiction. With his latest novel, La mer violette, he has written a new book about the open sea and the sea, focusing on two major writers, Arthur Rimbaud and Joseph Conrad, both travellers who embarked in the port of Marseille at the end of the 19th century. The two men of letters, lovers of discovery and adventure, could, after all, have crossed paths...