Artiste-professeur invité


Nicolas Reeves

Born in 1957 in Ithaca (United States)

Trained in architecture and physics, a graduate of MIT, Nicolas Reeves is an artist and researcher at the School of Design at Quebec University in Montreal. His work is characterised by the highly poetic use of sciences and technologies. A founder member and, later, academic director of the Hexagram Institute from 2001 to 2009, vice-president of the Société des Arts Technologiques from 1998 to 2008, he directs the NXI GESTATIO laboratory, which explores the formal impact of digital information in all creative fields. He has produced a number of acclaimed works, such as Harpe à Nuages (Cloud Harp) and the [VOILES | SAILS] research programme, which studies the potential of cubic automata capable of developing autonomous behaviour. The winner of several prizes and grants, he has shown work and given talks on four continents.