Artiste-professeur invité


Antoni Muntadas

Born in 1942 in Barcelone (Spain)

Antoni Muntadas studied at the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales in Barcelona and at the Pratt Graphic Center in New York. He has taught and has had exhibitions in prestigious institutions across the world, and was recently invited to teach in the Department of architecture and visual arts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Muntadas' works focus on modes of communication to question how they impact public as well as private space. He relies on several media, including photography, video, printed text, internet, and multimedia installations.

During his year-long tenure at Le Fresnoy beginning this Fall, Antoni Muntadas will pursue his work on the "On translation" series, which he began in 1995, during the Ars 95 show in Helsinki.

So far the series includes 28 works, including On Translation: the Pavilion (Helsinki, 1995), On Translation: the Games (Atlanta, 1996), On Translation: Culoarea (Arad, 1996), On Translation: La Transmission (Madrid, Atlanta, 1996), On Translation: the Monuments (Budapest, 1997), On Translation: the Internet Project (Documenta X, Kassel, 1997), On Translation: the Bank (New York, 1997), On Translation: La Mesa de negociacion (Madrid, 1998), On Translation: El Aplauso (Bogota, 1998), On Translation : The Audience (Rotterdam, 1998-1999), On Translation : Comemoracoes Urbanas (Sao Paulo, 2001), On Translation: Petits et Grands (Paris, 2002).