Artiste-professeur invité


Luc Moullet

Born in 1937 in Paris (France)

A film buff from the age of eight, a critic for Cahiers du cinéma at eighteen alongside Truffaut, Rivette, Godard, Rohmer and others, author of a Politique des acteurs and essays on Buñuel, Lang and King Vidor, a filmmaker from 1960, an actor from 1966 and also a producer (of his own films as well as those by Eustache and Duras). In 2009, Luc Moullet still displays all these talents.

To date, he has made thirty-eight films in all formats, from short to feature-length, and in all genres: comedy (Brigitte et Brigitte), adventure (Les Contrebandières), western (Une aventure de Billy le Kid, starring Jean-Pierre Léaud), erotic film (Anatomie d'un rapport, co-directed with his wife, with him in the lead role), diary (Ma première brasse, Les Minutes d'un faiseur de films), road movie (Parpaillon), crime film (Au champ d'honneur), militant documentary (Genèse d'un repas), geographical (Foix, La Cabale des oursins), comic (Barres), literary adaptation (Le Fantôme de Longstaff) . .. All are linked by a golden Ariadne's thread that runs from start to finish: comedy.

Luc Moullet is the only burlesque filmmaker of the Nouvelle Vague. A penny-pincher like Keaton, a keen observer of the social comedy of his time like Tati and Buñuel, a pataphysicist and logician of the absurd like Jarry, all he has to do is look at the humanity and society around him to reveal its flaws. His parasi-scientific approach and wrapped-up rationality keep the world at a safe distance.

Godard, who spoke the truth, didn't say it all...

Cinema has many historians but few geographers. Luc Moullet is one of them. Born into a family from the Southern Alps, he wisely followed Lubitsch's advice ("to know how to film actors, you must first know how to film mountains"), and has never stopped filming relief. This may also be the source of his taste for bareness. Somewhere between literalness and zaniness, his simple, effective style, honed to the peak of his cinephile erudition, is an asceticism practised with full awareness.