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Bianca Dacosta

Promotion Marguerite Duras ( 2021 - 2023 )

Née à Rio de Janeiro (Brésil) en 1986


Born in Rio de Janeiro, lives and works between Brazil and France. Her work was presented at the Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space in Prague with the performance Shopping-chão (2019). More recently, his installations Le jour du feu and Zone détruite were presented by the Krajcberg space in the exhibition "Vivant! (Paris 2021) as well as his video performance Terra Perdida exposed during "Bureau d'investigation du sacré" at the Grandes Serres (Pantin 2021).

Brazilian artist, Bianca Dacosta develops a practice that starts from the experience of everyday life to observe physical and natural phenomena, perceived by the senses of our bodies. By making this connection, she questions the perception of space, the body and nature. She bases an essential part of her work on the political, ecological and historical situation of her country. More broadly, the prospect of a collapse of civilization is reflected in her work by attempts to reconcile with nature.
Her practice borrows from multiple techniques, including sculpture and material assemblage, ceramics, installation, photography, video and performance. Maintaining a strong link with scenography and choreography, she often mobilizes her own body or others performers in her works, as ways of transmission of stories and intimacy, places of sensitive experience of the peril of space and nature.

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