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Amélie Agbo

Promotion Jonas Mekas ( 2019 - 2021 )

Née à Saint-Maurice (France) en 1990


In 2010 I obtained a professional baccalauréat specialising in artisanship and artistic crafts. In 2011 I enrolled in a comic writing school, Eurasiam. In my last year there I made a six-month study trip to Ogaki Women’s College in the Gifu region of Japan. Back in France, I decided to take a year to prepare for the art school entrance competition. In 2014 I was admitted to the École européenne supérieure de l’image (ÉESI) in Poitiers. After obtaining my arts degree in 2017 I did a four months animation course at the Beijing Film Academy. In 2018 I wrote C., a concluding dissertation in which I addressed the social devaluing of black women’s bodies.


Ma pratique mêle le dessin, l’animation et le jeu vidéo, où je me réapproprie les images stéréotypées des noirs dans la société française.

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