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Promotion André S. Labarthe ( 2018 - 2020 )

Néx en 1992


Ov emerges from wetlands. Ov heals, sleeps, eats, fucks, gets ready to attack. From an electrical impulse, from the depths of the bones, boiling undertow waters, Ov, suddenly, infiltrates the putrid mechanism of the monster machine, which, since time immemorial, strangled and destroyed. It is then that under the cloak of lead, at the hour of bloody events, Ov emerges in the cage and violently vomits a strange language. Enough to keep you blushing until dawn, Ov triggers the backwards rhythm of poison that is already coagulating in your dreams and in your viscera. From Ov nothing will be left. Ov is no one.


transition continue dans les [ o ]

[ waters/fluids/bones ] continuous transition

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