Artiste étudiant

Jonathan Paquet

Promotion Michelangelo Antonioni ( 2017 - 2019 )

Né à Poitiers (France) en 1986


Born in 1986, in Poitiers (86). After receiving technical (BTS Audiovisuel) and then artistic training (Beaux-Arts de Tourcoing), Jonathan Paquet started combining light and colour, which are inseparable from each other. He also explores the space of the image and the concepts of the real and the virtual. His inter-disciplinary approach opens up avenues of experimentation, enabling him to rethink the modern image by drawing on the past. These experiences have naturally led him to create bridges between painting, photography and cinema through digital and new technologies.


2008 BTS Audiovisuel (EICAR PAris)
2012 Licence Journaliste Reporter d'images (EICAR Paris)
2017 DNSEP (ESA Tourcoing)

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