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Alexandre Guerre

Promotion Manoel de Oliveira ( 2015 - 2017 )

Né à Paris (France) en 1990


Until now, my practice has been based on sound, installation, sculpture, photography, performance and film. But my work is not reflected in the media used, but rather in my experimentation of the latter. I always try to find new ways of exploring, of thinking out of the box, of testing the limits of the media used. Taking a sound recorder instead of a camera to record my trips has gradually changed my perception of the environment. I have learned to prefer apprehending a space by listening even whilst taking a glance. Listening is to imagine, to project, a bit like when you read a book. It is through listening to spaces that my art practice has become more orientated towards a desire to identify the inaudible, the imperceptible that surrounds us.


Diplômé de l’Ecole nationale Supérieure des Arts et Médias de Caen en 2013 et de l’Ecole nationale Supérieure d’Art de Tourcoing en 2015.

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