Artiste étudiant

Laurie Dasnois

Promotion Manoel de Oliveira ( 2015 - 2017 )


Born in France, Laurie Dasnois obtained a Master's of Fine Art at the Université de Lille and a DNSEP from the Ecole Supérieur d’Arts et Design in Valenciennes. The body is the sensitive and painful song of the artist. The notion of performance, taken as transcendence, is at the centre of her research. For her, dance is the expression of a dream-like state, a theatrical trance that led her to study and practice butô dance. For almost five years, she has been studying the phenomenology of the body in microgravity, in aquatic environments, through the visual arts. She theorizes her research in photography, drawing, installation and video. As with dance, she demonstrates patience and discipline in her art practice. Each artistic project personally engages her body in demanding and sometimes improbable performances. Her taste for surrealism and her sense of pictorial composition create an almost hyper-realistic world where situations seem paradoxically incongruous. One foot in reality and the other in a dream, she enjoys manipulating body and mind in her productions.

Production de Laurie Dasnois

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