The general theme of Panorama 22 is sentinels, a word with several meanings, one of which may serve to evoke the figure of the artist, for their vigilance, vision, alertness and wakefulness. The sentinel is in the vanguard, at the outpost. From dawn to night, she scans the horizon, places herself on the edge—or on the other side—of the body, of life, of death. She lights up the other world, the other side of the frontier, beyond our world. The works in Panorama 22 explore the relation between dream-infused reality and waking dreams, between ground and sky, between the world observed and hallucinatory vision, between shadows and light. They invent images of transit, reveal shadows and abysses, offer constellations and energies. They are standing there, just in front of our eyes wide open.
Louise Dery

Alain Fleischer Video