With Our elastic arms we drink deep sea blue to parlaient idéal
Laure Prouvost (FR)
With Our elastic arms we drink deep sea blue to parlaient idéal

The installations and videos made by Laure Prouvost create spaces of exchange and connection that feed on the intertwining realities of our fluid and globalised contemporary world. Narrative and language are among the artist’s main materials. By mixing and restructuring words, meanings and stories, Prouvost creates offbeat universes that exploit the productive capacity of incomprehension and poor communication in order to shape new worlds and possibilities. Deep See Blue Surrounding You / Vois ce bleu profond te fondre, the title of her installation for the French Pavilion at the last Venice Biennale, is articulated around a video that takes us on an initiatory road trip between Nanterre, Grigny, Roubaix, the slag heaps of the mining basin of Pas-de-Calais, the Ideal Palace of the Postman Cheval at Hauterives, Marseille and Venice, with a dozen characters with all kinds of backgrounds, languages, and ages. For her installation at Le Fresnoy, she goes back to one of the locations for that piece, a bar in Roubaix, accompanied by her actors, now miraculously rejuvenated, and reinvents her own story.

Laure Prouvost
Laure Prouvost France

Laure Prouvost (1867, Obscureville, France). Lives and works. Here’s a long list of museums and institutions. A line, interesting events, a comma, a line. A selection of solo shows including an “elastic arm hold in tight” in Copenhagen, a “Swallowing and Breathing” in Eindhoven, a “Smoking Mother” in Copenhagen, a “Melting Into Another” in Lisbon, “Deep See Blue Surrounding You” in Venice...

    Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains