L'île flottante
Juliette Dominati (FR)
L'île flottante
Film -

Isolated in a hangar, Lola runs through her memories. Settings light up, characters appear. Lola navigates from one scene to another.

Juliette Dominati works on memories, on what remains and what escapes, on details, nothings. Both painter and director, she is interested in the construction of environments that are complete, autonomous, enveloping. Her installations are like three-dimensional collages, made of painted found objects. Her work is made up of tricks, materials that are often poor, discards, discoveries. She collects stories, images, abandoned materials, wood, cloth, furniture; she records narratives, archives moments, which she glues, tapes, replays. These fragments are delicately assembled, in a troubling equilibrium, only just standing, always about to collapse. And yet they “hold” spaces, construct worlds that seem to be waiting for viewers and characters to enter them, to approach and to settle. These stagings cultivate a private aura, a mysterious quietude, and an “unease” characteristic of dreams. To approach them is to experience a collapse, palimpsests, fractured memories that are at once confused and joyous.

Juliette Dominati
Juliette Dominati France
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Born in Paris in 1990, Juliette Dominati is a filmmaker and artist. Her work is regularly exhibited in France and abroad (Argentina, United States, China, Iceland, United Kingdom) and will feature at the forthcoming Salon de Montrouge, as well as in her next solo show in London.


2019 « The Stolen Stone Project » with Toti Ripper, Seyðisfjörður, ICE
All I want is more more more, PADA Studios, Lisbonne, PT
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2012-2017 DNEP, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts Paris-Cergy, Cergy, FR

    Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains