Méditation positive
Louise Tilleke (FR, LK)
Méditation positive

Installation composée de toiles, dessins et vidéos

Here at Le Fresnoy, I am talking to you about the life force, Wilhelm Reich’s orgone. “Happiness tomorrow does not exist. Happiness is now or never. It is the joy of drinking in the universe with all the senses, of tasting, smelling, hearing the sun and the rain, wind and blood, the air in the lungs, the breast in the hand, the tool in the fist, in the eye, the sky and the daisy,” wrote René Barjavel. This quotation conveys what I want to express to you.

“Tell them that you have no time for their war, that you have more important things to do!”
Wilhelm Reich, Listen, Little Man !

“Nothing is admissible, except life, providing you reinvent it every day.”
Blaise Cendrars

Louise Tilleke France, Sri Lanka

Born in Gothenburg on 21 October 1980, I am a Franco-Swede of Sri Lankan origin. I live and work in Paris. I am self-taught. Outside the school circuit since I was sixteen. Undisciplined, they said. Too full of revolt. Art became my medication (Music is The Healing of the Universe, Albert Ayler). My work is found in numerous collections. Collectors helped me build, to keep going. Painting and video helped me find myself. The three exhibitions I would remember? The one at Galerie RX, where Olivier Kaeppelin was curator; it was about the difficulty of breathing in our world. That was in 2019. The one at the Hôtel Costes (undergoing work at the time), supported by its founder, who had let me exhibit over 2,000 square metres of the work site. I talked about ecology. About that urgent emergency. That was in 2018. The third was the one in Clermont-de-l’Oise, because it as the very first. I was petrified. That was in 2011. I work on subjects like the Anthropocene, social somnambulism (based on the writings of Gabriel Tarde, 1843-1904), and, most recently, Pope Francis I, via the prism of Saint Francis of Assisi, acclaimed by certain ecologist leaders.

    Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains