Love & Revenge
Anhar Salem (SA)
Love & Revenge
Film -

Posing, selfies, and the imaginary freedom through a journey into a girl teen's practises on social media. The desire to exist only as an image collapsed when she lost the control over her avatar. From a distance, Anhar casts two girls who are shooting and acting for the movie as fictionalized versions of themselves. Exploring and hovering between private and public life.

Anhar Salem
Anhar Salem Arabie saoudite
Promotion Jonas Mekas

Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with a multi-ethnic background at the beginning of the nineties. Studied IT in Arab Open University. As an autodidact graphic designer and video artist, her work attempt to explore/open public and private spaces, associated with subjects like everyday life, women, and social media. Through small personal equipment, she allows herself to get involved in more private spaces, building new relationships, shrinking gaps, and questioning the capability of making a self-representation in marginalized societies.

    Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains