Halves Through Night / نصفين الليل
Lina Laraki (MA, SN)
Halves Through Night / نصفين الليل
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Barzakh is a term of Persian origin which designates an intermediary place between the living and the dead. More precisely, it signifies the distance or time that both separates and inserts itself between these two worlds. Halves Through Night explores this veiled space in which beings are in suspense, disembodied from the real, and belong to no place. When repairing a car engine and deciding to disappear into the city, Layl experiences strange phenomena. He opens up to what is still unknown about the plurality of worlds and their inhabitants as the night closes in around him. The film probes the possibility of a hybrid body in a crisis zone, itself becoming a territory where purity is impossible. He vacillates between an alienated experience and the mystique of the real.

Lina Laraki
Lina Laraki Maroc, Sénégal
Promotion Marie Curie

Born in 1991 in Casablanca, Morocco. Lives and works between France and Morocco. Lina Laraki graduated in art from Central Saint Martins College of Art, London, in 2014. Her practice moves between visual arts and cinema. She made her first experimental film, The Last Observer, in 2020, then her first fiction film, Halves Through Night, in 2021, at Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains. Her work bears on varied subjects such as mysticism, the non-human and invisible forces, while questioning their sensible and sensorial representations in the cinema. In her films she tries to grasp a mystery and subject the viewer to the testing of its elements and thus make them feel its physical and aural materiality.

  • Scénario: Lina Laraki
  • Interprétation: Ibrahim Karansal, Mohamed Mezidi
  • Image: Samuel Esselinckx
  • Son: Ludivine Pelé
  • Montage son: Thomas Becka
  • Mixage: Yannick Delmaire

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains