Lou Morlier (FR)
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We followed a wolf trail over some three kilometres. We came to a specific point, on a cliff’s edge, where the wolf had written with its urine, “Eat your dead, humans.” We are very surprised. Over.

Lou Morlier
Lou Morlier France
Promotion Marie Curie

He does not move, he does not work, he unworks, he breathes in, he is breathed in. He crosses the desert. It is too late or too early to be a child. The dromedary is dead of thirst, he is more kitten than lion and in any case the dragon is in a museum. He remembers that once there was an ocean here. In these waters, one of his ancestors confronted its inner beast a gigantic sea serpent. He does not remember, he is making it up. Maybe it’s the same thing. He gesticulates, he opens, he works, he expires, he is far from expiry. The wind breathes on his sail of faded images. The wave propels his board into currents where he flails and bursts his lungs into the silence of the drowned. He is surfing towards the mirage. The sirens sing. He is wrecked.

  • Scénario: Lou Morlier
  • Interprétation: Léo Belon, Baptiste Fauche, Madiana Kane Vieyra
  • Image: Lou Morlier, Maïa Morlier
  • Montage image: Lou Morlier, Louis Rieu
  • Son: Lou Morlier
  • Montage son: Victor Lenoir, François-Xavier Delaby
  • Mixage: François-Xavier Delaby
  • Accompagnement artistique: Dora GARCIA

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains