Tout ce qui était proche s'éloigne
Yunyi Zhu (CN)
Tout ce qui était proche s'éloigne
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“[…] ‘alles Nahe werde fern,’ everything near becomes distant. Goethe was referring to the evening twilight. Everything near becomes distant. It is true. At nightfall, the things closest to us seem to move away from our eyes. So the visible world has moved away from my eyes, perhaps forever.” Jorge Luis Borges, “Blindnes,” in Seven Nights, New Directions, 1984, p. 1215. In 2006 my friend Xiaoxin caught an eye disease and, from that moment on, began losing his sight. By 2015 he had become completely blind. He told me that this complete darkness frightened him. I felt that my fried was en route somewhere. In the “land of the blind” Xiaoxin will live in a solitary world (a world without simulacra), a real world (we must touch), a poetic world (the collapsed statue).

Yunyi Zhu
Yunyi Zhu Chine
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After studying art at the Academy of Arts and Design at Tsinghua University in China, I enrolled at Esä where I obtained my DNSEP cum laude. In my fourth year there I joined the Ar+image stream and took part in the PRIST arts and sciences programme. As a result I was able to go to CERN and work several times with Polytech’Lille on developing several of my works. These are based both on a series of personal experiences touching on the use of certain senses that up to now have been downplayed in the field of art, such as hearing and touch, and on the question of memory. I transform these experiences and these memories into works by using a variety of mediums. I invite viewers to take part in these works and to try them out. My recent works are a reflection on the senses (in particular tactile ones) that we neglect in everyday life, and on the relation between the senses and the new technologies.

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