Jakob Ohrt (DK)
Film -

Spread around a field is a bricolage of houses from different places and historical periods. They are made out of the backdrop of former lived lives and reconstructed to form a museum in the interest of preserving and manufacturing cultural heritage.

Inside the houses, food from different eras is displayed, all in plastic, immune to decay and unchanged year after year. Objects rest on shelves with no other purpose than that of a signifier, styled and grafted to channel the past.

A groups of children are navigating this representation of old age, mixing up personal belongings with historical artefacts and film props. Like ghosts from the present haunting this image of the past. They are turning the museum into a set. Building their own future worlds and leaving past and present behind.

Jakob Ohrt
Jakob Ohrt Danemark
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Jakob Ohrt is an artist and filmmaker born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts in London before attending Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains. His work often operates through a process of setting up new realities within existing contexts, thereby producing new speculations, scenarios and stories.
Themes reflected in his work include temporality, technology and the affective relationship we have with image, sound and story. This often comes into play through imagining alternative futures and pasts alike and through a principle of equality where both the staged and the given share the frame equally.

  • Image: Troels Rasmus Jensen
  • Prise de son: Olly Jennings
  • Assistant réalisation: Tessa Hoder
  • Assistant image: Amin Zouiten
  • Décoration: Asta Meldal Lynge
  • Machinerie: Said Dek Dahir
  • Photographie plateau: Tinne Zenner
  • Régie: Marie Due, Emma Ohrt, Tinne Zenner
  • Son: Anne Gry Friis Kristensen, Jakob Ohrt
  • Montage image: Jakob Ohrt, Liyo Gong
  • Étalonnage: Pauline Sicard
  • Conception graphique: Ulrik Ejlers
  • Scénario: Jakob Ohrt, Hans Frederik Jacobsen

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains